Bathroom Renovators Who Specialize in Small Spaces

In many homes, the bathroom receives the most foot traffic on a daily. Whether it’s the current occupants or visitors to the home, the decor and layout of this room get noticed and visually deconstructed more than any other space. This is largely why the best bathroom renovations is the most commonly renovated room in a house. Homeowners get tired of seeing the same design all the time and begin to ponder what a different color scheme, fixtures, layout, and appliances might look like. Although it may seem easy to make changes in a smaller bathroom, the size can create interesting challenges. Rather than become stressed and aggravated at the custom work involved in reconditioning this small room, homeowners should rely on the skills of the professionals at a company like WA Assett. Their team is prepared to handle all forms of bathroom renovation for small bathrooms throughout Perth.

Allen Baler

Many homeowners see bathroom renovation as a way to update fixtures and create a more elegant look. Although this is possible and can become quite the visual transformation, it’s not always the most practical solution. A claw footed bathtub can create quite a cozy charm, but it isn’t really practical when space is limited. This is why homeowners need the experienced advice of a professional. Design consultants, like those at WA Asssett, realize that the functionality of the bathroom is just as important as the look. No one wants the toilet to be crammed next to the tub if it can be avoided and these professionals have the skills to find a solution. They will survey the current layout and quickly determine if the changes the client desires are even possible. The average resident has no idea how much labor is involved in re-routing plumbing or expanding a wall. The design team will work diligently with the clients to guide them through all of the possible layout options and find the most affordable and pleasing solution to their renovation needs.

One of the biggest advantages that the renovators at WA Assett have for small bathroom design ideas on a budget is their award winning design team. This group has a firm grasp on how room size and color schemes work best together. No one wants their little bathroom to look even smaller than it is. Fortunately, this team can integrate light and dark colors to create a spacious looking bathroom, regardless of square footage. Dark colors often make a space feel more enclosed and are often avoided in small areas. The proper color palette combined with space saving fixtures can give a homeowner everything they want out of a bathroom without encroaching on what little open space they have available.

The experienced Perth bathroom renovators of WA Assett have the background and skills to turn an old, stale bathroom into a stunning piece of art. All a client needs is a vision and the team will devise a beautiful and affordable bathroom design that will be readily functional without compromising the owner's personal tastes.